[Clusters_sig] Kerrighed Linux-based SSI for clusters

Christine Morin Christine.Morin at irisa.fr
Fri Feb 4 08:48:19 PST 2005

I manage the Kerrighed SSI open source project.

Kerrighed (http://www.kerrighed.org) is a Single System Image (SSI)
operating system for clusters. Kerrighed offers the view of a unique
SMP machine on top of a cluster of standard PCs. Kerrighed is
implemented as an extension to Linux operating system (a set of Linux
modules and a small patch to the kernel).

Several kinds of applications can take advantage of Kerrighed:
scientific applications such as numerical simulations (including
OpenMP, MPI and Posix multithreaded applications). Legacy applications
developed for SMP machines can be executed without modification on top
of Kerrighed (and further optimized for a cluster, if needed).

Kerrighed main features are :

 * Customizable Cluster Wide Process/Kernel Thread Scheduler
     Dynamic load balancing, no restriction on the global scheduling
     policy which can be hot-changed.

 * Cluster Wide Shared Memory
     Threads and System V memory segments can operate through the
     whole cluster.

 * High Performance Stream Migration Mechanism
     Processes using streams (socket, pipe, fifo, char device, etc)
     can be migrated with no penalty on communication performance
     after migration.

 * Distributed File System
     Distributed data storage, configurable data redundancy, unique
     file system tree.

 * Process Checkpointing
     Only sequential applications at this time. Work is in progress
     on parallel applications checkpointing.

 * Full Posix Interface, (Including Posix Thread)
     Work is in progress to define a draft on how to extend the Posix
     interface in the clustering framework.

 * Cluster Wide Unix Process Interface
     All traditional UNIX process management commands (top, ps, kill,
     etc) operate cluster wide. Process identifiers (pid) are unique
     and visible cluster wide.

 * Customizable Single System Image Features
     Single system image features can be enabled or disabled on a per
     process basis.

Kerrighed exhibits good performance compared to other Linux based SSI
(see http://www.inria.fr/rrrt/rr-5399.html).

Kerrighed is available under the GPL licence (http://www.kerrighed.org).
The current version of Kerrighed (Kerrighed V1.0rc10 released in
December 2004) is based on Linux 2.4.24 for IA32 processors.

Kerrighed has been designed and implemented by the INRIA PARIS
project-team (http://www.irisa.fr/paris/) at IRISA, Rennes, France, in
the framework of a collaboration with EDF R&D (Electricite De
France). Kerrighed project is also partially funded by DGA (French

Kerrighed is included in SSI-OSCAR 1.0. SSI-OSCAR is one of the OSCAR
working groups (http://oscar.openclustergroup.org).

SSI-OSCAR 1.0 is an open source software (GPL licence). It is based on
OSCAR 3.0 for RedHat 9.0 and Kerrighed 1.0rc8. SSI-OSCAR 1.0 package
can be downloaded from the SSI-OSCAR website (http://ssi-oscar.irisa.fr).

SSI-OSCAR has been developed in the framework of a collaboration
between EDF R&D (http://www.edf.fr), INRIA (http://wwww.inria.fr) and
ORNL (http://www.ornl.gov).

Christine Morin
Head of Kerrighed project

Christine MORIN				tel: +33 2 99 84 72 90
Projet Paris                           	fax: +33 2 99 84 71 71  
IRISA/INRIA 				email: cmorin at irisa.fr 
Campus universitaire de Beaulieu,         
35 042 Rennes cedex (FRANCE)       


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