[Desktop_architects] Portland: The Linux Desktop Integration Interface

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Fri Dec 2 19:49:50 PST 2005

In the followup session aimed at making the live of ISVs easier wrt
targetting the Linux Desktop two topics were discussed. The first topic
addressed the issue of integrating with the two different desktop
environments. The second topic addressed the issue of API/ABI stability.
I will not be addressing the second topic here.


During the meeting on Thursday a number of desktop integration points
were identified that would benefit from having a well defined interface,
independent of the desktop environment in use. In the follow up meeting
it was discussed how we can move forward to make such common interface a
reality. Nothing is real without a name and so "Portland" was adopted as
the name of this initiative.


Since the goals of Portland are very much in line with the mission of
FreeDesktop.org it was agreed that FreeDesktop.org was the proper place
to drive this effort.


To speed up the process a task force of 4 people will be created with
two representatives from both Gnome and KDE. Alex Graveley (Gnome) and
George Staikos (KDE) agreed to lead the task force and will each invite
one additional member. The goal of the task force is to prioritize
integration points, solicit feedback from ISVs and identify existing
functionality in Gnome and KDE that can be used to implement Portland,
and possibly provide a first draft implementation.


The task force will do a first report out before Linux.Conf.au (End of
Jan, 2006) 


The goal is to have the first version of Portland ready for inclusion in
LSB 4.0 which is scheduled for the end of 2006. In order to reach this
goal it is important that Portland is available in early 2006 so that it
can be included in distributions before LSB adoption. It is understood
that the first version of Portland may not be able to address all
integration points and that additional versions may follow.





Linux Client Architect - Channel Software Operation - Intel Corporation


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