[priorart-discuss] tagging -- starting simple

Timothy Rue osdl-3seas at threeseas.net
Tue Feb 7 20:07:46 PST 2006

Requires python.

get and make accessible to python:

while online, enter on your command prompt/shell:

python iq.py -k http://threeseas.net/vic/IQ-ID/knmvic.iq . .

Note: the ". ." are wild cards. 

what the results are, is a list of keys.

now try:

python iq.py http://threeseas.net/vic/IQ-ID/knmvic.iq The .

What it outputs is the contents of of all word ":" that start with "The" --- ":The" in the file. And "." wildcard for
all.. sub-definitions of the word finding.

The "filekey : :: :::" that you see is like a legend for a map or blueprint.

the ": :: :::" part can be any character sequence, as we all know its important to address exceptions when dealing with
matters of mental fabrications where breaking rules is common place.

The positions can be seen as: 

: = word and general definition

:: = sub definition parts

::: = also see reference.

The file doesn't need to have the filekey but needs to have the filekey character assignment as the last used filekey
set. This can be accomplished by creating a small file that sets the key and then points to the target. Keep in mind
simpler interfaces to this is not the subject here.... we are starting simple.

you could remove the filekey from the file used in the above example and set it directly or indirectly to

": # :::" to see a focus in on the reference in that document

or to ": + :::" to focus in on the bullets in that document.

Its very common for us to organize or map the subject matter (software and text) with three such primary levels.
Unix man pages for example have their general description, followed by sub-description parts, examples, etc. and then
finishing with "also see".... 


python iq.py -k http://threeseas.net/vic/IQ-ID/thor-arexx.iq . .

Tagging can be simple and versatile, its the search engine that does all the work. Here the tags, not counting the
"filekey", consist of three character sequences ":", "::" and ":::" but could have been "$word", "def-subs" and

more fun from the keys found above:

python iq.py -k http://threeseas.net/vic/IQ-ID/thor-arexx.iq SAVEMESSAGE .


python iq.py -k http://threeseas.net/vic/IQ-ID/thor-arexx.iq SAVEMESSAGE INPUTS

The iq.py command is only one of nine. As individual commands there may be other similiar tools, but Together they
provide alot more power of not only searching but in creating, using the same repetitive command set (a learning thing)
from the users POV. Fundamental automation functionality.  

Using the same functionality to read how something works to integrating its code into another program, or directly
executing it thru automating all inbetween its access to execution.

But its all the same function/action set to do it. 

Tagging: its about improving accessibility...... and use.   

To protect his social status a roman numeral accountant 
would have promoted: "Only a fool would think nothing 
can have value." (re: zero place holder, decimal system)

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